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66kV、110kV GIS-Intelligent Gas Insulated Metal-enclosed Switchgear

66kV、110kV GIS-Intelligent Gas Insulated Metal-enclosed Switchgear
66kV、110kV GIS-Intelligent Gas Insulated Metal-enclosed Switchgear
66kV、110kV GIS-Intelligent Gas Insulated Metal-enclosed Switchgear
66kV、110kV GIS-Intelligent Gas Insulated Metal-enclosed Switchgear
66kV、110kV GIS-Intelligent Gas Insulated Metal-enclosed Switchgear
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Technical Data
No. ltem Unit Technical parameters
72.5kV 126kV
1 Environment Condition
1.1 lnstallation   lndoor/outdoor
1.2 Ambient air temperature   -30~40
1.3 Humidity(monthly average) at 25℃   ≤90
1.4 Altitude   ≤1000m
1.5 Wind speed   ≤35
1.6 Earthquake condition Horizontal acceleration   0.4
Vertical acceleration   0.2
1.7 Creepage distance    
1.8 Pollution class   Ⅱ  ⅢⅣ
2 Technical parameters
2.1 Rated voltage kV 72.5 126
2.2 Rated current A 1250160020003150
2.3 Rated frequency Hz 50
2.4 Rated short-time withstand current(r.m.s) kA 40
2.5  Rated peak withstand current kA 100
2.6 Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak) kV 325 550
2.7 Rated power frequency withstand voltage kV 140 230
2.8 SF6 Gas pressure
When temperanture is 20℃
MPa Circuit Breaker 0.6 / others 0.5
2.9 Annual leakage rate of SF6 gas % ≤0.5
2.10 Moisture content of
Circuit breaker μL/L
Volume ratio
Other components ≤250
Note: when altitude>1000m, technical consultation is needed.
3 Circuit breaker
3.1 Rated short circuit breaking current kA 40
3.2 Rated cycle of operation   O—0.3s-CO— 180s-CO
3.3 Operating mechanism   Spring mechanism
4  Disconnector
4.1 Operating mechanism   Manual and motor operated
3-pole mechanically group operated
4.2 Switching ability of
breaking and making
busbar current
Switching current A 1600
Conversion voltage V 10
Breaking times 100
5 Fault making earthing switch
5.1 Rated making current (peak) kV 100
5.2 Rated short-time withstand cutrent (r.m.s) 4s kA 40
5.3 Type of operating mechanism   Manualmotor-driven spring
3-pole mechanically  group operated
6 Earthing switch for maintenance
6.1 Rated short-time withstand cutrent (r.m.s) 4s kA 40
7 Voltage transformer
Technical parameters    As per requirements of customer
8 Current transformer
Technical parameters   As per requirements of customer
9 Lightning arrester
Technical parameters   According to IEC 60099-1 "MOA"

EC62271-203“Gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear for rated voltage 72.5 kV and above”
GB7674 Gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear
DL/T617-2010 Gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear

Main Features and Advantages

Small unit size, light weight, excellent anti-seismic performance

It has the smallest dimension of unit bay among similar GIS equipment. The width between 2

standard bays is only 0.8m, which can save 30% occupation area. Its enclosure and conductor are made of aluminum alloy (corrosion resistant), and the weight of the standard bay is about 2500kg.

Reliable conductivity

High reliability of the electrical structure ensures the conductor's stable contact pressure even in the large contact area. The silver plating technique is applied for conductor, making the hardness degree of the plated layer up to HV 120 with strong adhesion, while assuring a minimum contact resistance from the structual design.

High reliability of insulation

The GIS has excellent insulation design. The insulation level is higher than that of national standard (GB)and industry standard (DL). Spacer insulator with metal outer layer eliminates the stress from assembly, which increases the reliablity of enclosure's grounding and improves equipment's antiinterference ability.

Excellent SF6 gas systems and sealing technology

The SF6 gas decentralized monitoring system integrates the pressure gauge and the density relay into one SF6 gas density meterand each gas chamber is equipped with a multi-function stop valve, facilitating the SF6 density meter online checking. The advanced sealing technology and reliable sealing materials ensure minimized gas leakage.

High breaking capacity

The electric life of circuit breaker is up to 20 times, it adopts self-energized arc interrupting principle with high short-circuit breaking and making capacity. The disconnector can meet the requirements of the switching current and the charging current of busbar. High speed earthing switch can meet the requirements of making and breaking shortcircuit current and induced current.

Satisfying the needs of smart grid

As per users special requirements, XK Company is able to add the electronic current transformer, electronic voltage transformer (or intergrate with them), signal collector, merging units, online monitoring system and other functions to make the GIS digital and smart with aim to build unmanned substation.

Use of standardized, modular design and production

The XK Company has accumulated rich manufacturing experiences of GIS. The procedures of design and manufacture are strictly according to the requirements of its standard functional unit and bay module. Due to the standardized and modular design and manufacture as well as the efficient organization, it greatly shortens the delivery cycle.

Generally, the whole bay is assembled and tested in the manufacturer and then transported to the site as a whole, which reduces the workload of dust cleaning, vacuuming and installation at site.

Structure and Working Principle

General of the main structure

The GIS is featured by three-pole-in-one enclosure (except incoming line bushing and and outgoing line bushing). The main components include the Circuit Breaker (CB), three-position Disconnector/ Earthing Switch (DES), Fault-making Earthing Switch, Current Transformer (CT), Voltage Transformer (VT), Lightning Arrestor (LA), incoming/outgoing components (Gas-Air Bushing (BSG), Cable Sealing End (CSE), Oil-Gas Bushing (Oil-Gas BSG), Busbar (BUS) (includes main busbar and branch busbar), Local Control Panel (LCP), etc. All bays can be arranged with the standard components. In power circuit, the conductors for CB are arranged in shape of "straight line”, the conductors of other components are arranged in the shape ofregular triangle" in the enclosure. Spring contact is used between conductors for transitting connection.

Structure of Main Components

Circuit breaker (CB)

A compact three-phase-in-one enclosure is used for the circuit breaker, with three phase conductor coplanar arrangement.

The circuit breaker adopts self-energized arc interrupting principle, greatly reducing the operating power. It is equipped with CT30 spring operated mechanism (three phase mechanically group operated). The CB is able to break 20 times in full capacity.

During breaking short circuit current, the arc energy between arc contacts becomes large because of high breaking current and the hot gas in arc area flows into the gas storage chamber in which heat exchange happens and the low-temperature gas with high pressure is formed. At this time, the one-way valve closes because the pressure in gas storage chamber is higher than that in pressure gas chamber. At current zero, the high pressure in the gas storage chamber blows off the arc between the breaks. During opening process, the pressure in the pressure gas chamber will be compressed. When the pressure reaches certain level, the flexible relief valve at the bottom opens, the gas then starts to be released while being compressed. By this way, the operating mechanism does not have to overcome more counterforce, thus the operating power is greatly reduced. During breaking small current (usually several thousand Amps below), the arc energy is small, the pressure in gas storage chamber is small too. At this time, the pressure in pressure gas chamber is higher than that in gas storage chamber, the one-way valve opens and the compressed gas blows into the breaks. At current zero, the compressed gas will blow off the arc between breaks.

DS-ES three-position switch (DS-ES)

The DS-ES three position switch is arranged with three-pole-in-one enclosure.

The operating mechanism drives the middle contact to move, achieving three electric positions, ie, DS closed, ES closed and DS/ES open.

The ES is for maintenance purpose, which ensures reliable earthing. Through the gear and the rack of the middle contact, the insulated rod rotates clockwise or anti-clockwise to drive the middle contact into DS Closed and ES Closed positions.

The three poles of DS-ES switch are equipped with a motor-operated mechanism which is connected by the insulated rod. The mechanism is composed of motor, transmission system, micro switch and auxiliary switch etc. The motor drives the worm and shifting fork to rotate, achieving Open/ Close operation through the cogging transmission system.

Typical Bay Arrangement

Typical General Arrangement of GIS

Guide to Order

1) Before signing the contract, technical specifications and technical proposals should be confirmed.

2) Within one month after signing the contract, XK Company will provide the customer with foundation drawings and control schematics for approval.

3) The scope and number of the spare parts and auxiliary equipments required by the customer should be clearly described in the contract.

4) It should be defined in the contract if the customer needs the technical training and installation service of XK Company.

5) The common tools and materials for installation and maintenance should be provided by the user.



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