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Acoustic-optical-electronic video system integration

Feature: * 33mm ultra-thin screen, 6mm ultra-narrow frame. * Adopt Android system, support operating WPS office software, clock, welcome interface, calendar and other downloaded applications. * Support one-key power on/off function; it can be powered on in sections to avoid damage to the sc..
Mini Mixer Amplifier with MP3/Bluetooth T-B20/T-B40/T-B60 It is a desktop mini constant voltage amplifier featuring beautiful appearance and light weight, which can be used for BGM playback and broadcast in small indoor venues such as homes, leisure cafes, classrooms, etc. Features: ..
Description: The rental LED video wall business is one of the service industries that have developed vigorously in recent years. The LED video wall is widely used in the stage or background of important events such as TV studios, large-scale performance activities, opening ceremonies of important..
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