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Overview: UT117C is a high-precision true RMS multimeter, which has AC/DC 600V voltage measurement, 10A AC/DC current measurement, LPF measurement, Bluetooth function, etc. The main features are fast response, high precision, small size, and easy operation, and product accuracy can still be..
Overview: UT120 series multimeters are designed for DIYers and electronics engineers to troubleshoot electronics systems development and electronics circuits. It is a simple and portable multimeter for every electronics engineer. Models in UT120 Series: UT120A, UT120B, UT120C   Featur..
Overview: UT196 True RMS solar digital multimeter is an ideal tool for solar power system maintenance. This rugged meter is designed for technicians who work in rugged outdoor environments. UT196 can measure up to 1700V DC and 1500V AC voltages, and 3000A AC current with an external current..
Overview: UT200A+ and UT200B+ AC current digital clamp meters are suitable for daily repair and maintenance of household equipment, mainly used by electricians; Featured minimum 3A AC current measurement, True RMS, LIVE test, and Audible/Visual alarm functions, they are good tools for home ..
Overview: UT205B 1000A AC clamp meter has a large size of Jaw (up to 60mm) and can suit more application scenarios. The lightweight and slim design, and the backlight/flashlight functions are good for dark environment operation; The meter also supports duty cycle, NCV, MAX/MIN, etc. functions,..
Overview: UT353/UT353BT mini digital sound level meters can convert ambient sound into electric signals, process data and display results on LCD. They can constantly monitor ambient sound. UT353BT can transfer measurement data through bluetooth to UNI-T’s custom mobile APP (iENV) for furthe..
Overview: The battery internal resistance tester is a measuring instrument used to measure the internal resistance, voltage, and temperature of rechargeable batteries such as lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries to judge the health status of the battery. It can also be used as an instr..
Overview: UTi384G is a professional enhanced thermal cameras that specially designed for industrial use with high IR resolution 384×288 and wide temperature range:-20℃~550℃. The professional manual focus lens can flexibly adjust the focal length according to different objective’s distance a..
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