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Hydraulic vibration truck

Hydraulic vibration truck
Hydraulic vibration truck
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Hydraulic vibrating truck is an engineering machinery used for compacting materials such as soil, asphalt, and concrete. It uses a hydraulic system as the power source and drives working components such as vibrating wheels or plates through hydraulic cylinders to vibrate and compact materials on the construction site.

During the construction process, hydraulic vibrators can effectively improve the compactness of soil, asphalt, and concrete, enhance their strength and stability, and thus ensure construction quality. Compared with traditional mechanical vibration, hydraulic vibration trucks can better adapt to various complex construction environments, and the vibration effect is more uniform and stable.

Usage scenario:

It can be applied to various types of construction sites, such as roads, bridges, subways, tunnels, dams, airports and other construction projects, as well as Military engineering, mine construction, municipal engineering and other fields.

Product features:

1. Good vibration effect: The hydraulic vibration truck uses a hydraulic system as the power source, which stabilizes the vibration force and can achieve a more uniform and effective vibration effect.

2. Strong adaptability: Hydraulic vibration trucks can adapt to various types of construction sites, such as narrow spaces, uneven roads, and slopes, achieving high flexibility and adaptability.

3. Convenient operation: The operation of the hydraulic vibration truck is very simple, requiring only a skilled operator to complete the vibration operation, reducing manpower investment and construction time.

4. Low maintenance cost: The maintenance cost of hydraulic vibration trucks is relatively low, requiring only regular inspections and maintenance, making maintenance simple and cost-effective.

5. Environmental protection and energy conservation: The hydraulic vibration truck uses a hydraulic system as the power source, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving compared to traditional mechanical vibration, reducing noise and air pollution, and meeting the requirements of sustainable development.

Working principle:

The working principle of hydraulic vibration trucks is mainly based on the hydraulic system and vibration system.

Hydraulic system:

The hydraulic system is the main source of power for hydraulic vibrating trucks. The hydraulic system consists of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic oil tanks, hydraulic pipelines, and control valves. The hydraulic pump sucks hydraulic oil from the hydraulic oil tank and delivers it to the hydraulic cylinder through hydraulic pipelines, generating hydraulic power and driving the vibration system to work.

Vibration system:

The vibration system is the core component of the hydraulic vibration truck, mainly composed of vibration shaft, vibration head, roller, vibration motor, and shock absorption mechanism. When the hydraulic pump delivers hydraulic oil to the hydraulic cylinder, the inlet and outlet of the hydraulic oil are controlled by a control valve, and the hydraulic oil pressure is transmitted to the vibration system such as the vibration shaft and vibration head, causing high-frequency vibration and achieving the purpose of vibration compaction.

During the working process of hydraulic vibration trucks, the vibration system will generate high-frequency vibration, which can cause particles on the road to rub and squeeze each other, achieving the effect of compaction. In practical applications, vibrating trucks are usually used in conjunction with materials such as cement and asphalt to enhance their compaction effect.
















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